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Recovery processes

The aromas in homeopathic dilution in watery or gaseous phase can be recovered in total by way of adsorption. Concentrates of this type are characterised by their long shelf-life and natural taste.

The microencapsulation processes developed by Pharmarom allow adsorber balls with new, specific qualities to be manufactured out of active carbon, silica gel, zeololites or other adsorbers.

The following are
suitable as original materials for aroma recovery:

  • Water vapour
  • Petal water
  • Aroma water phases
  • Fermentation liquids
  • Watery distillates
  • Distillates from breweries
  • Distillates from breweries
  • Exhaust air from greenhouses
  • Spices, seeds, berries (attenuation)
  • Exhaust air from roasting facilities

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