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Microspheres(microspheres, microcapsules) spillage, jet stripping
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Microspheres (microspheres, microcapsules) spillage, jet stripping

Process description

The technology is founded on jet stripping (spillage) and is based on
on the foundation that a laminar liquid jet can be separated into equal drops if an appropriate oscillation is generated.

The drops developed in the manner can:

  • cooled (from fusions, waxes, fats, synthetics)
  • dried (from gelatines, maltodextrines, sugar, rubber arrabicum, aromas etc.)
  • be subjected to chemical reactions (ion gelling) alginate, chitosan, cellulose, gellan and much more.

When single material jets are used, monodisperse microspheres are formed When double material jets are used, monodisperse microcapsules are formed.
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